Michaela & Michael in Souris, PEI

Around Thanksgiving my wife and I drove to PEI for my cousin Michaela’s wedding. It was a short ceremony that didn’t last even 10 minutes. Having already had a wedding on the west coast in BC earlier in the summer they didn’t have a photographer.

We ran outside for no more than five minutes before the ceremony began and, with the help of my wife, captured these photos. I didn’t shoot many other photos during the ceremony, or reception – I enjoyed being a part of the celebration – but these quick photos of the couple are some of my favorite photos to date.

Metro Masquerade 2010

This year i decided to volunteer my time again for the Metro Masquerade event. Last year i shot the poster for them, and I had such a blast I was thrilled to be giving the chance to do it again.

We shot quickly, tried a lot of things, and got some amazing images.

This year’s event is going to be bigger, better, and raise even more money for Breast Cancer research!

The poster will be online soon, but here are a few edited shots from November’s shoot 😀

And of Course, The Ribbon

Angela & Doug – Peggy’s Cove?!

Angela & Doug at Peggy's Cove

Yes. Peggy’s Cove – In the fall, I know exactly what you are thinking, this could be iffy right?

Angela & Doug at Peggy's Cove

Not for them! Wow. What a perfect day these two picked.

Angela & Doug at Peggy's Cove

Today I had the honor of photographing a friend and her new fiance (Congrats Guys!) at Peggy’s Cove outside Halifax. The weather can be worrisome there – sometimes it’s warmer, but most of the time it is much MUCH colder.

Today was PERFECT, the sun was out, but behind some thick clouds, and Angela & Doug didn’t let the wind (or the cold) phase them one bit.

Angela & Doug at Peggy's Cove

Once we were done in the touristy spots, we hit up the town below the lighthouse and snagged a few different shots.

Enjoy the teaser post!

Angela & Doug at Peggy's Cove

Angela & Doug at Peggy's Cove

Meet Michaela!


Michaela is one of the models who will be in the fashion show at the Metro Masquerade event. This is one of the alternate shots from the shoot, which is the foundation of the advertising campaign for the Metro Masquerade charity fundraiser that will be taking place in Halifax, NS on May 9th with proceeds going to the Atlantic Breast Cancer Foundation.

She is wearing a dress hand crafted by the event organizer, John Michael that is made of handcut pieces of mirror.

Student portfolios at the HDC

What a great class this was! I saw some amazing work, had a blast shooting it, and best of all, met some amazing fresh make up artists.
The fall 2008 class pulled out all the stops for this two evening intense schedule. They did three complete looks (hair and makeup) on three different models in just over three hours, that doesn’t count the photographic direction that some provided as well, andthe time it took for me to shoot! It was a long two days but, well you be the judge.
These images have only had VERY minimal work done, if any. Talk about the wonders of good makeup!